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6kW Pure Sine Wave 24/48V Inverter/Charger/ATS
6kW Pure Sine Wave 24/48V Inverter/Charger/ATS

6kW Pure Sine Wave 24/48V Inverter/Charger/ATS

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A solid, reliable combination pure sine wave inverter, automatic transfer switch and battery charger. Split phase power to wire directly to a standard AC distribution panel. Built like a tank , priced right.
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6000 watt 24/48V to 120/240V split phase pure sine wave inverter charger
6KVA inverter, battery charger and transfer switch in one package
The built-in 85 amp battery charger accepts generator power or existing grid power to maintain a charge on batteries.
The inverter 24VDC or 48VDC to 240Vac works at nominal 24V or 48V battery bank , and is capable of 120/240 volts AC output, with full 6000 watts available at 240Vac ( two 120Vac hot lines ) and a max of 3000 watts between each 120Vac hot line and neutral.
It is your average every-day power inverter, with a surge output power of 18000 watts for 20 seconds and a peak DC-AC efficiency of 88%.
The inverter is built with high efficiency components and an idle consumption of 15 watts in power saver mode, great for running your whole house, business office or large RV.
Its 110/220V split-phase power output brings smooth integration with traditional North American electrical wiring practices with the flexibility to power 110Vac and/or 220vac at loads at the same time.
Great for home and shop applications with a 220 power distribution panel in place.
There are four connections: L1, L2, neutral, and ground. On the input side, the input neutral is not required, only L1, L2, and ground are required to be connected.
On the output side, either L1 or L2 to neutral will provide 120 VAC. The L1 to L2 will provide 240Vac.
Because of this, it may also be commonly referred to as a 3-wire, single-phase, mid-point neutral 240 volt inverter.
The rugged split-phase inverter allows a 100% imbalance.
You can run 240v loads such as 240v welder, clothes dryer, well pumps, water heaters, electric range by connecting to the two 120v output terminals.
It accepts 240 volts AC with input voltage range of 160-264Vac to bypass AC input and recharge batteries.
This inverter works with both 60hz and 50hz electronics.
The output frequency can be manually set at 50 or 60 Hz through the DIP switch, thus it virtually conforms to most electrical systems worldwide.
However, the inverter 24Vdc to 240Vac can utilize grid-power or generator power to charge the batteries and transfer the power to your application. It’s built with a seamless transition transfer switch. If the grid power fails, it becomes a true UPS in emergency situations and natural disasters.
The inverter 24Vdc to 240Vac comes with Auto Generator Start that starts up a generator and provides charge to the batteries or provides power to your home.
This inverter charger supports a remote diagnostics LCD screen displaying abnormalities on the system, giving you clear directions to track the issue and troubleshoot.

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