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6kW 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/Solar with ATS
Treeline Power Sytems 6kW Inverter/Solar Charge Controller/Charger

6kW 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger/Solar with ATS

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A highly versatile, do it all component . This unit combines a pure sine wave inverter, an intelligent transfer switch, a battery charger and a solar charge controller. Perfect size for a critical circuit subpanel.
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A high capacity, robust, high efficiency split phase multi-function inverter/solar charge controller/automatic transfer switch/AC to DC charger

6000W pure sine wave inverter (up to 85% efficient)
Split phase power to connect to a standard AC breaker panel, 120/240V
An 80 amp at 48V 150V input MPPT solar charge controller
A 60 amp at 48V AC to DC battery charger to supplement solar charging power with grid power
A programmable transfer switch to choose between inverter or grid power, with the ability to use the grid to charge batteries at the same time the inverter powers the load.
Up to 4kw solar array input
18000w surge power

A highly programmable LCD menu allows user to set a wide range of inverter specs such as:
1) Power priority: Solar, Battery, or Utility
2) AC Input voltage range
3) Charging current & voltage
It allows users to customize the operation of the unit to fit their unique system.
Monitoring and control options are available through WiFi adapter and Android or IoS applications.

Two year US based warranty and support

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