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12kW Pure Sine Wave 48V Inverter/Charger with ATS
12kW Pure Sine Wave 48V Inverter/Charger with ATS

12kW Pure Sine Wave 48V Inverter/Charger with ATS

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A 12Kw pure sine wave power inverter capable of handling whole-house energy needs. Coupled with a battery bank and solar generation, most households could shed the public grid under normal loads (except for heavy 240VAC circuits such as central air conditoining in warm climates).
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The 12000 watt inverter of 48 volt to 120/240Volt is a pioneering low frequency inverter charger
This full sine wave power inverter was designed with top quality and durability in mind and is built to survive 10+ years in the harshest conditions (and has met and exceeded those expectations).
The 12000 watt inverter gives out 300% surge power of 36KW for 20 seconds to meet your household or business’s energy needs, meaning, you no longer have to oversize inverter wattage to meet high surges from loads, less initial investment.
Our full sine wave 12KW inverter works with very little power loss, outputs an average THD of 3% , its idle consumption is 180 watts, and  its peak DC to AC efficiency is notably 90% .
It will significantly outperform any other competing 12KW inverter models in terms of operating costs over the long-term as it reduces battery discharge cycles and prolongs battery life.
The built-in transfer switch allows it to automatically switch between battery bank and grid power (or generators) with a transfer time of 10 milliseconds.
If you are using a generator instead of utility power as backup, the auto generator starter on will automatically start the generator when battery voltage is low enough.
It gives emergency backup power for your residence and business or reliable electricity to your hunting cabin or off-grid vacation home.
It is built-in 120 amp battery charger uses AC power, from the grid or from a generator, to recharge a battery bank.
This UL 1741 compliant 12KW inverter is capable of outputting 12KW at 40 degrees Celsius and withstanding thermal fluctuations because of its over-temperature protection and thermally-controlled fans.
It’s protected from humidity or airborne dust and dirt thanks to its conformal-coated (or “marine-coated”) boards.
This UL 1741 compliant 12000 watt inverter is split-phase, it requires a 240Vac input (single-phase 240Vac or two hot lines of 120Vac), and will output 120 or 220/230/240Vac at 50 or 60Hz.
Every percentage of power efficiency matters in large power systems.

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